-The Authentic Brazilian Cheese Bun-

There are lots of Gostei Moments in the day.

Eaten for breakfast, as a snack or with dinner.

The Ultimate Gostei Sliders

Gostei Tapa with Bonito & Spanish Piquillo Peppers

Gostei Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Breakfast Sliders wouldn’t be amazing without the PERFECT slider Brazilian Cheese Bun. All you need is Jimmy Dean Sausage, Colby Jack Cheese and spread with ketchup.

This is a classic Spanish Tapa, the combination of Spanish Tuna(bonito del norte) with Piquillo Peppers always work. Simple but elegant gourmet bite.

If you’re in need of an easy comfort-food recipe for tailgating, holiday parties or events, or an after-school snack that everyone loves, this will do the trick. Baked Brazilian Cheese Bun and Swiss cheese, thin-sliced honey or brown sugar ham with a touch of a buttery Dijon.

Capicola Gourmet Bites

Just with Coffee

Brazilian Cheese Bun are spread with provolone cheese then layered with fresh basil leaves and thin slices of capicola for a simple but elegant gourmet bite.


Baked in just minutes and gluten free Brazilian Cheese Bun is the perfect companion for a morning coffee.


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-The Authentic Brazilian Cheese Bun-
-The Authentic Brazilian Cheese Bun-
-The Authentic Brazilian Cheese Bun-